My Mum and Oprah

I had a pretty intense start to the week. I ended up having major stomach pain, and had to go to hospital. We are so blessed to have friends close to us that we could drop the kids, so Stace dropped them and waited with me till the ambulance came. We are still going through tests, believing all is well, but it definitely set me back for sure. I was also struck with a sudden – “what if somethings really wrong?”  In the waiting and wondering, evaluating that I have to look after my health first or my whole world suffers especially my family. I came to realize that I do truly try to live my life to the fullest everyday. It was reassuring, and yet gave me a sense of urgency to HAVE MORE FUN in my life. For someone who LOVES WORK, and work can be fun, I just think, that I could laugh more, love more, and give more. All that to say, my mother came to visit, which I always love. We had tickets to Oprah, which to say the least, was just so inspiring and life giving. Hearing her very real story really gave me hope, and inspired me to believe God for HIS best for me. It was really a lifelong dream for my mum to see her live too, and I was so glad I was able to share it with her. Best words of the night that she shared : Acts 17:28 – ” In HIM I live and move and breathe! ”


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