Dear Stacy..


To my amazing husband Stacy,


for loving me, even when no one is looking. For not being afraid to be honest. For when I was in the hospital worrying if I was going to be ok, you stayed strong and even though you were scared too, you were brave for me. For letting me chase my dreams and for never letting me give up on them. Thank you for the love unconditionally, and for the example to our kids of a very present, engaged, fun, truthful Dad and a husband who loves his wife.

I believe in you, and in your dreams as well. Not just your dreams and adventures you’ve had and that I’ve loved as a family, but your dreams of traveling the world, and of building the best live venue coffeehouse in Vancouver. I don’t need you to prove yourself to anyone, nor fit in a mold of who people think you are and who we are as a family. Thank you for letting us live “outside the box” and for making everything ok even when – to everyone else looking on the outside –  we look crazy! Thank you for catching my many tears when they fall, through the great times, and the hard times, and you are still there, by my side, to hug me when I’m just the girl who just needs the boy to hold her and tell her he’ll never let her go.

Thank you in advance for forgiving me for posting this on my very pubic blog instead of writing another “just between you and me” letter. This time ( and this may be the only time lol ) I wanted the world to know how proud of you I am, and how blessed I am that I have a husband who knows whose he is, and who loves his family. I love you so much! I am yours and you are mine, FOR LIFE…..xoxoxox

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2 thoughts on “Dear Stacy..

  1. Ok this post made me cry! So proud of you both for the love and trust you have for each other. Your life outside the box challenges us all to live life large! Love you guy’s ❤

  2. Love it!!!! Thanks for this post letting us share the love… Well you know…
    The love that shines out from your lives and your amazing family!!!!

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