The Real Moms of Vancouver – I’m a Proud Vancouver Mom.

I talk very openly these days about being a mom, but I know as a business owner and a recording artist in the music industry, so many stereotypes and stigmas are attached to that. I tried not to make it a big deal, mainly because I am a woman who strives for integrity in this industry, who chose to have a family in the midst of a career and I never wanted being a mother to be an excuse for not achieving my goals and successes. What I find though is that it actually is because I am a mom that I have the successes of my life as well as have the best adventures with my best friend (my husband) and my kids. For so many years, I didn’t have people who understood me, and I found myself being in hiding, struggling with the things every mother struggles with, as well as finding the balance between marriage, kids and career. I honestly felt like I was walking the journey alone. I didn’t have tons of girlfriends as I mostly hung with the boys, and the girlfriends I did have didn’t have kids and it was a different dynamic. So, it was a blessing when I found an incredible group of women in the community of whom many I have never met but only experienced life through their stories. Many of the articles I read resonate with me everyday, many of them have inspired what products I use, what kind of food I eat, and why I should be ok with just being me. These women are real heroes in my life. Its through these women, that I discovered how to be real not only with myself, but to everyone around me. Although there was a sense of having to portray a very professional artist profile, at the end of the day, I was still a wife, and a mom, and every mom knows that we still all become basket cases when our kids are sick, wishing it was us instead of them; we cry at every new step, new word, new achievement, and proud moments when we see our kids change their world; We hurt for other moms when we read their journeys of sons and daughters lost, and we celebrate when we read stories of how we are just happy to have survived the day! Motherhood can be soooo hard, but it makes it so much easier to know there is a sisterhood who understands, who don’t judge, but who – when all is said and done – are cheering you on to be the best you can be! I don’t for one second put myself in the leagues of some of theses amazing Vancouver Mom bloggers and writers – these women have stuck it out and blogged for many months and reached the masses, but one day if I can keep up the writing, I hope I can inspire and encourage others just like they have inspired me. If you want to check out some of the amazing movements going on, here are some links of some of those who have impacted my life.

VancouverMOM –

Mom Blogger Amber Strocel –

Mom Blogger Katie Smith –

MomIncMovement –

Entrepreneur MOM now –

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