My life according to Facebook & Twitter…

I am one of those people that doesn’t like to complain too much over Facebook or twitter. You will rarely hear me talking about how my kids were too hard to handle, how many thousands of diapers I’ve changed, or how I have lost so much chasing dreams. I just try to stay away from all that. However, what I noticed is that those who only have relationship with me over FB or the Tweets tend to get a very skewed perception of my life. I would say that when I am talking to others I have a very optimistic view on life, and I only hope and believe for the best in and for others. In the same way, my social media posts will encompass much of the exciting highlights in my family, career and interesting events that of course I am only happy to write about so to celebrate those times. Unfortunately, it gives off this very false perception of who I really am and what I really go through. Truth is, life can be damn hard. I don’t go around tweeting or FBing about THAT part of it. But, as I said, this blog I started just so I could get real with myself, and so this is me getting real with myself. I have chosen the life that I live, and I live it because the difficulty doesn’t even come close to matching the intensity of the passion and love I have for really living life. I’ve chosen to start a family young, have a career, create positive change in my world. And yes, in the words of the great Chris Martin ” nobody said it was easy! ” ( That’s Coldplay yo )

At this point in time, it’s late and I can’t sleep. I’m still worried a little about what’s going on in my body. I have to do more tests on my stomach and my liver. Right now the medical system isn’t being super helpful with their non followup. I’ve had to take it into my own hands, and also enlist the help of other professionals that can assist me in getting to the bottom of this. I want to believe I’m ok, but sometimes as a woman you just know when somethings up. I’m just saying it to be real with myself, and so maybe there are some of you that pray, and perhaps for me, nows a good time, even just so I stay sane. Stacy as always is a rock. He takes care of me like nobody even knows, and today told me I’m beautiful I don’t know how many times. Sometimes a girl just needs some of that.

So, I’m tired now. I knew my plan to write would tire me out. Yey. Good night world.




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