Yesterday I ate an apple…all by myself.

Yesterday, I ate a whole apple. By myself. In my own hand. Eating it like any normal adult would. For those who don’t have kids you might not understand this. But today I had an apple epiphany. It was the first time in – oh I would say 5 years – that I didnt slice, share, and eat an apple with anyone else. I had a whole apple to myself, by myself. You see, when you have little kids, you slice apples. They can’t eat them in their hand. So, you slice, and share. I eat apples all the time, but anytime I ate an apple I sliced it, and even if I had the apple sliced for me, there was a guarantee some little figure would appear out of nowhere and eat a slice of my apple. Well, lo and behold, the kids all in school and I needed a snack for the car. I was in a hurry, no time to slice, so I grabbed an apple, and ate it, like an adult. Yep. It felt so weird and great all at the same time. And that’s my blog for today. hahaha I wanted to write this today, just to laugh at myself, and probably to just get me thinking of anything else but coming home from the doctor to find out they still don’t know what’s up with me from my hospital visit last week. Believing for good news, but I can’t hide that I’m a little concerned. Just want to get it all sorted out. I’m choosing today to LIVE WELL!



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