Her name is Shawna…

Family4She’s my beautiful sister in law, but you’ll rarely hear me say that. To me she is really truly my sister. I didn’t grow up with sisters, so having two now in Aaron and Shawna is one of the coolest things in the world. Today is her 30th Birthday.432137_10151003049451267_43442032_n

Dear Shawna,

Happy birthday Lovely! I hope you will read this blog, as my reason for writing today is you. I honour you and celebrate you today. I so teacherwish we were together in the same place so I could give you a big kiss, and a big hug, cuddle on your awesome couch in the basement and watch some kinda 3D movie while Justy made us popcorn 🙂 You are an incredible wife, and mother, and it still makes me tear up when I think of how much of a fighter you are, and how I am so blessed that years ago you chose not to give up on our family. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Thank you for loving us no matter what, and being such an influential person and amazing auntie to our kids. The way you take Jaedon in and just make him feel like he can conquer anything has never gone unnoticed, and still makes me emotional thinking about how much you just show him love. You don’t do anything different than you usually do, but those moments just stand out and stay in my heart. It’s the teacher heart in you, but it’s also just seeing you be the best auntie you can be for him. Thank you for always empowering our family, believing in our dreams, and supporting us even when Justy thinks we’re crazy lol. Thank you for letting me come to your school and sing songs with your students ( Especially the One Direction song hahaha ) It meant so much to come be a part of your world for even a moment. I see how your students love you and I fully understand why. You are our example of what a great teacher is.

kelseyporterI pray the biggest blessings for you this year. I pray for some good rest as well as lots of FUN as you raise Jakey and Georgia! I pray that this year, you would go on amazing family adventures and begin to make more memories with your little family. I pray that maybe Jakey might blow the world rotatoesaway with his gangnam style and that you’ll get to go on Ellen ( and that I get to come with you lol ). But most of all, I pray for you that every day you would live the life that you have always dreamed. I believe in God’s provision for you, so don’t get caught up in everything that seems “normal” when God is calling you to be great! I thank God for strength when you are weak and tired, and that you truly can rely on your “village” to be there in the good times and the hard times.

I thank God, that although we aren’t close in location, we are close in our hearts. I’m thankful that you came in to my life. We love you so much over here. Celebrate well today Shawna!  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

~ Love Us.


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