I’ll be at the Grammy’s next year…


Yes it’s a dream to just BE at music’s biggest night – The Grammy’s ( and of course win one someday too! ) and next year, that dream I believe will be a reality.

I was so excited by the talent and the class of what was presented this year. Justin Timberlake, Alicia Key’s and Adam Levine were my absolute highlight . Regardless of the FB posts and tweets of how good or bad the acts were, I make it a point not to mock or speak negatively of any other artists that are making money at there craft. I call some of these people friends, and I hope to meet more of them in the future. There’s so much that goes into making a show like that happen, and those artists on the stage are so talented and are making a great living and inspiring fans with their art. I admire many of them and the teams behind them. I’m going to go next year. I’ve been waiting for the year I had a full album to be a member, and 2014 is the year! The coolest thing about the night: how the Grammy foundation is now honouring the music educators that inspired these musicians who are now winning Grammys. Love it.

landing_mea_0In honour of that, this is my music teacher Robert Bardston.BOB He is a world renowned Cellist and vocalist, and he was my Double Bass teacher, as well I studied Voice with him. His passion for his students is echoed through many people who had the privilege of being taught by him, and who were impacted by his love, life and art including myself. He made me strive for excellence and never settle for anything less. His encouragement kept me going through many things in life, and I am where I am today in part because of a teacher like him. Love you Mr. B!

Yayyyyyy!!!!!!! ( A Girl can dream! )

One thought on “I’ll be at the Grammy’s next year…

  1. what a great article! I encourage to keep HOPE alive and dream on & on… I have been knowing your Mr. B for YEARS….. and I know that you speak the truth. A talented encourager and driver of perfection! Keep up the good work.

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