Call me….maybe?

I think I mentioned that about 2 months ago, I dropped my cell phone in a puddle, and I just figured I’d wait it out for the new iPhone or blackberry Q10 with a keyboard to come out ( still waiting ). Well over the whole two months, I have received 2 voicemail messages. Yep thats right, 2.

I really love and treasure my relationships. I’ve messed up a lot of friendships in the past by not prioritizing my time, working too much, or just being inconsiderate. I’ve learned so much since then about the gift of real friendship and communication.  I would hope that my relationships have not been dwindled down to a text message kind of friendship. I know technology makes everyone speed up, but to be honest, in the last two months, I have slowed down. I have called people and had great conversations with old friends, I have visited and gone for lunches and dinners more. We have had family dates with other families more. I have car pooled with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and through all of it, really caught up, encouraged others and myself have been encouraged by friends, and realized how much my phone took me away from the real world, and real human connection.


I was recently reading a great book called “Like a Virgin” by Sir Richard Branson. He is one of my personal and business heroes. He doesn’t try to be the biggest dog in the business world, he just set out to leave a big legacy. He has set his company apart by caring about his employees first, so they will give the best customer service in the world. He has built his empire on this. What sparked my heart was the fact that he says that he still gets up every morning, gets out his rolodex, and still calls his colleagues and clients on the phone to connect and just keep his relationships solid. This coming from the guy that invented a mobile network and could text whoever he wants whenever he wants! I LOVED that! And, I’m taking a lesson from him. There’s something so special about that.sir-richard-branson-virgin

To those of you whom I have had the privilege of spending real time with in the last 2 months, thank you for taking the time out to be a part of my life and to encourage me simply with your time and your presence. To all of you, who I know still love me, let’s go for tea, a walk on the beach, or let’s just sit at our respective homes and catch up landline to landline. Anything really, so call me….maybe! ( or email, fb or twitter. ) I’ll call you back!

~ M

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