My Origami Rose.

roseMy husband made me this fabulous origami rose. Who does that?! Stacy does. I have to say, after 12 years of Valentines, and consistent friday night date nights, I have to give him props for trying something new. Stacy makes my life pretty special. I had such a great Valentines day, but I’ll keep all those details just for my hubby and I to treasure in our memories 🙂 xo

D&MToday, I want to honour two of my good friends David and Maureen. A highlight of my day yesterday was listening to their interview on Dr. Connie Mariano’s radio talk show. Dr. Mariano is a former White House doctor, an incredible woman in her own right, and a personal mentor of Maureen’s as well. Here’s the Valentines Day  radio show link if you’d like to listen, ( D&M are around the half way point in the show ).

David and Maureen are two of the kindest people you will ever meet in this world. They are also ambitious, determined, compassionate, and are constantly thinking of how they can help others, even as they continue their already successful careers. They co-own NW productions – where they run the Miss Washington USA and Miss Idaho USA pageants along with the teen divisions. I have had the privilege of performing there as well as being a judge last year. It is a real honour to be a part of what they are doing in the USA. As well as running NW productions, David is an incredible photographer and runs DVM Photography. David has been a mentor of ours for about 4 years now. He was one of the first people that understood having faith and integrity within the entertainment industry, someone who is real, honest, and knows WHOSE he is. He is constantly around celebrities but is not actually about the ” celebrity status ” of people, he just genuinely loves people. The best thing about him and what I treasure most, is that we are friends first, and careers second.

imagesMaureen and I have become friends in the last year, as she was the amazing woman that won David’s heart. They were married just a few months ago and it was such a beautiful moment to experience. Maureen recently wrote a book called “It Takes Moxie” and it is such an inspiring read for anyone going after their career dreams and goals. The book resonated with me as it has a focus of immigrants who have made their way in America. She interviews CEO’s of major companies who have come from nothing to achieving their american dream. The book is definitely a must read for students just graduating college or immigrants who have a dream, and just need encouragement to keep going! I am an immigrant to this country, and this book had me in tears. I think it was because I’ve never read anything so true to my life. It also encourages me to read about these successful leaders and their challenges they had to overcome. I could relate to their journeys in every way. Thank you Maureen for writing such a powerful piece of work! If you’d like the book you can get it here: It Takes Moxie at Amazon.

As you can read, there is so much to this incredible couple that I can’t put it all in one blog, but I’m sure there will be many more stories to tell of them and our adventures along the way. I just wanted to give you a glimpse of who they are, and also how special they are to Stace and I. Love you both and blessings in this next year! xoxoxo

~ M

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