All in a day….

Fam2012Got kids to school, then to yet another doctor appointment. Found out I have to visit the surgeon. LAME. But I’m not scared. There is NO FEAR IN LOVE. On to Costco grocery shop with my hubby, followed by somewhat intense conversation with a concerned mother. It was all good. Felt confident in WHOSE I AM, what I do, and I am so thankful that I have learned to be damn good at valuing myself and valuing people, because “What you don’t VALUE you VIOLATE”. Thanks for that quote Rex Crain. Got home. Discovered my son’s second commercial aired. Couldn’t stop watching him on screen. He’s amazing. Went back and watched his first commercial that aired a few days earlier.
Made some phone calls, because I LOVE talking to people in real life 🙂 Kids came home. Played with them. Loved every moment. Got a call that we booked a TV job as a family. Had to be honest and integral about an issue that may have lost us the job. Felt sick for about 20 minutes. Thanked God that honesty and integrity is better than not saying anything at all even it meant we lost the job. Felt sick about it for another 5 minutes. Got another call to confirm that we for sure booked. Celebrated with the family with high fives and a happy dance. Got a call from an old industry friend and had such a great catch up and dreamed a bit of the future. ( I TREASURE the great relationships that I get the privilege of being a part of ). Had supper, dropped kids off with friends, headed to be industry guests with Stacy at a really great Vancity showcase. Got to be with one of the best sound guys in the city and an old friend, as well as the interns I teach who are all amazing people. Now I’m home, and I’m going to sleep. Wow. All in a day. This doesn’t happen every day. But it was so epic I need to write it down. Gonna cuddle my kids and kiss them all now. Then to bed 🙂

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