Rehearsal with Roy & Rosemary. And so begins a journey…

photo-26It was a Thursday on a gorgeous sunny Vancouver afternoon. With a view of the ocean at my friend Rosemary’s place, I got to sing with the most beautiful sound I’ve ever been a part of live on a Spring afternoon! Roy and Rosemary are multitalented in their own right. They have just released their new album ” Once Upon a Dream “, they are fresh off their tour with pop opera group Destino, and are moving forward in their music careers like never before.

Their music is nothing short of captivating. Their hearts and their passion for life and their craft even more so. Roy plays the piano and can sing a boys 2 men R&B vocal like nobody’s business, and Rosemary’s violin is so moving that every time she plays she could bring me to tears.

And here I was, just in awe of them, winging a version of “His eye is on the sparrow”  with them. It was a passionate moment, powerful even. We then played “Soldier” It’s still one of my favourites. Roy learnt it in all of 2 mins and was pretty much bang on.  Rosemary picked it up in less time than that, and I all of a sudden heard a dream come true that day. Roy, Rosemary, violin, piano, and myself on an original. Stacy and the kids joined us at the end, and we played them Soldier. Best part, I saw it was bringing Stace to tears. Not sure why. Could have been R&R’s amazing dynamic, could have been the song, or allergies even (haha) but whatever it was, it was magical in the room that day.

I was blessed. I believe it’s the start of a journey. I don’t know what it looks like, but it seems pretty great! I’m just in an unbelivable journey and I’m experiencing  heaven shine in on.


It’s more than a game: A Tribute to the CLA Hounds.

CLAhoundsTo the Team mates of the CLA Hounds, Langley BC:

I’m the proud wife of Number 5 on your team, Stacy Siewert. To be honest, I used to not like the game. I thought that the time of night that it was, and the weekends, were such an interruption and inconvenience to my life. Over the years, I have watched what the game is all about, and what you are all about, and I realized how blessed we are that Stace gets to be a part of this great community of men.

photo-29Jason, I have read the newsletters, the updates, and the heart behind why you do this every year. You are a truly incredible man. You not only strive to put together great hockey for the hounds, but I believe in your heart and desire to show the team what REAL MEN look like on and off the ice. Regardless of the wins, losses, or the unfair penalties called against you, INTEGRITY and class are at the forefront of your game.

To all the Hounds – I don’t know too much about hockey I’ll admit, but I do think you have been unfairly reffed during your games, and yet through and through, you handle it with class. I’m not saying your team is perfect, as even you know that, but as a fan and an audience member, I have watched through out the season bad calls being made against your team, or – ones that should have been called on the other teams against you – not called. I know this is church league, but I’d hope it to be more integral than it’s been.

Your actions have spoken louder than words this season, and I hope that something is really done about the way your team is treated in future with this league.

Jay L, & Chad Bennett – you were outstanding in this game, well done!

Stacy, way to score that 3rd goal. The kids and I were so proud to watch you play. You are truly an amazing player, and its been so fun watching you play with these guys, and joining you for the odd pizza after the game at Andreas’.

I believe the best part of the night was after you all shook hands with the other team, then you all came out to the ice, raised your sticks in your black and red jerseys, and you turned to us, saluted and acknowledged your fans, friends and families. It brought me to tears actually. While I was sad for your loss in the game, what moved me was how you honoured us. While the other team basked in their victory, I did not see them salute their fans, ( maybe I missed it, but I don’t think so ) they just huddled in their trophy. Understandable, but, I just saw gestures of them wanting their fans to cheer louder for them. Their actions were a resounding difference against yours.

I know this may sound silly, being the kind of league that it is, but I guess deep down, I believe you are all men of honour, and ultimately that wins above all else ( and no – that’s not just something that losers say lol )

This season was yours. It was a good one. To some of the guys that I’ve gotten to know – Jason, Jay, Lu, Ron, Davie, Stevie, and all the others, I’ll miss watching you play. Chin up fellas. You’ve made a real fan out of me, and that’s near impossible haha. Don’t be strangers okay. We’ve grown to love you more than just in the game.

Blessings as you celebrate Easter with your families. Live life on purpose. May it always be about more than just a game, and carry on…

~ Marika

( Picture credit of the Hounds – Anna Lindberg ).

My TV family and Tuesday Night Music Friends!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week with work, family and playtime. Doing less play time than I expected. Might have to take a real vacation and vacate the hek outta here lol.

This week has been crazy with auditions, filming, and more auditions. Zac, J, Zoey and Stacy all had or have auditions scheduled. Stacy is 4 for 4 booked 🙂 Who’d have thought I’d have a tv family lol.

photo-25I also wanted to share about how incredible a night I had on Tuesday. I had the privilege of hearing some of the artists and interns I work with, perform. I was very proud of them. They all did a great job. Some blew me away more than I knew! Always love that.

One of the best parts of the evening was sharing it with some of my favourite people. I love to honour them. That night, I saw some come together in one place, and I just felt so blessed to be in their company. That I could have such great people around me, sharing in our friendships and our music was a true joy for me. Daniel, Trevor, Brandon, Tiffany, Lonnie, James, Darlene, Josh…Thank you.