I have a dream…

logo-1I have a dream to be a MetoWe Ambassador. Actually, I’d like my whole family to be. This year, my friend Tara, my 10 year old Zac, and I had the privilege of attending WeDAY. Click and read all about it, it’s definitely worth the read.

Our friend who works with MuchMusic, and produced the incredible 1 hour segment on the show, invited us to this huge event at Rogers Arena in November. I knew I was expecting greatness, but never in my life had I seen so much world change going on in one big room – of highschoolers. Young people. It was an invite only event, and the arena was packed with 20 000 or so students who were changing their communities and their world. The artists that was there – One Republic, Demi Lovato, Shawn Desman, Cody Simpson, and others. The speakers – Desmond Tutu, Dr. Holly Branson, Spencer West. The list goes on, but the highlight were the stories of the local students who have changed their communities with their ideas and efforts. It was just an honour to be in the room.

111123 We Day 1433.jpgI left changed. Moved. Called to act. After that day, my son for his class wrote about MetoWe speaker and his Canadian hero – Spencer West who has no legs, and yet climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with his friends to raise awareness and money for clean water in Africa. Zac then went on to rally his school for the campaign WeCreateChange WCC-Banner-Videoand his school has raised a few hundred dollars so far of pennies to provide clean water to a person for life. I watched first hand how this organization inspired my 10 year old to create real world change. I am so blessed to see it.
Since then. Tara ( who is also a hero to me – but I’ll save that for another blog ) and I both have had this huge passion to be a part of this amazing organization that is Free The Children and MetoWe. It’s part of our DNA. We’re joining the movement, and I am so excited.


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