My husband, he shines.

photo-12Saturday our whole family got to be a part of a pretty stellar project doing a Subaru commercial Live event for their 2014 vehicle. I learned alot that day. Among those things – I’m totally an introvert, and, my husband Stacy, he shines, on screen and off.

There has never been a day where it rained so hard in my entire life. But we were together, we made it fun, the cast and crew were all amazing, and we got to wear cool suits, helmets and be rally car drivers for a day.

The best part of my day ( other than working with my cool crew of kids ) was getting to see Stacy on set. I can’t put it well enough into words, but Stacy just lit up the set that day. By the end of the day everyone knew his name, knew who he was, and the ad agency and Subaru staff loved who he was so much they asked him to film two extra scenes to be included in the footage. He also got to drive with the pro rally driver on the track they had for us, and they filmed that too.

subaruHe thanked everyone at the end of the day, smiling, just happy to be there, to meet new people, to just be who he was. It was such a joy for me. Stacy – I feel has been underestimated so many times because he was not ‘loud’ or trying to ‘prove’ himself, or ‘be’ anybody. He’s a leader, a teacher, a friend, and an amazing husband and father. He just loves people, and it shows. I couldn’t have been more proud of him that day. The man I get to see everyday, who I fell in love with 12 years ago, got to be shared with a whole crew of film industry folk, and I was happy to share him. I have to say, I looked pretty ridiculous which I’m sure you’ll all get to see online soon enough haha. But it was so FUN. The kids did fabulous as always. Just another day…

Go Subaru. Go Siewerts, we carry on…

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