And some days are just hard.

“Just give me a reason… we’re not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again.”  It’s Pink singing, with Nate Reuss, the lead singer from FUN. (It’s got some Pink kinda half nakedness, so watch the video with discretion, or just close your eyes ). This song pretty much brought me to tears all night. It’s real. It’s powerful. And it’s honest. The melody and the lyrics are also stunning. Its completely symbolic of her relationship with her husband ( who is actually in the video and even that’s powerful ). Its about when they separated, but she fought for him, and won him back. Well, so it says on Google and Wiki, so it must be true. I’ll ask her the real story one day when I meet her and we are having lunch. I’ve listened to it about 50 times now.

Sometimes, there’s no powerhouse song that really matters, and sometimes I just need to cry. Music, it moves me. It inspires me, it changes my world, and it makes me ok when sometimes, Im just not ok.

I’m an artist. It’s in my DNA to be emotional, expressive and be someone who brings something in to the world that is not yet created. Music does something that transcends across the universe, and I want to be a small part of that. Much of me needs to be a small part of that. There’s so much of what I create, that may never be heard. It’s music that’s between my piano, me, and God. It’s the stuff that comes up when I’m writing, that I sometimes wish I had pressed the record button on the computer. Maybe I will one time. It’s not commercial, it’s not marketable. It’s just real, raw, and me and it feels like I’m touching heaven.

Anyway, I’m having a day. Nothing anyone has done, just having a moment. I’ll have my moment if that’s ok. It’s a moment that I sometimes wish I was “normal” and I didn’t have to be up late thinking about everything art, when I should be sleeping thinking about everything waking up with the kids.

Learning to be real…

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