My kids are the big kids now…

BigKidsHung out at a regular spot at Kits beach with some good friends Amy and the newly named Dyl Pickle ( as Zoey has now nicknamed our friend Dylan ). Funny thing while we’ve been looking for a place in the city, we have found that many of our popular hangouts are filled with young children, and when I say young, I mean like 1 – 4 year olds. My kids clearly were the big kids in the park at the time, and I was the mom getting the looks when my kids would zoom past a young kid. I totally used to be that mom (I’m sure) in the playground when a big kid was rushing past to get to the slide as fast as he could almost knocking over my babies. Oh the days haha. Time does fly, and now I’m the mom making sure my kids don’t knock over the others, or spin the round about too fast that the 2 year olds get flown off!

DavidsTeaAs I enjoyed the sun, my family and good friends, I took some time to just take the moments in and to give thanks for how Stace and I get to watch our kids grow up, and that we have great friends in our lives to grow old with. We have known A&D for over 10 years. Amy and I grew up together and she danced at my wedding 12 years ago as well as we toured together on her dance tours and my pop shows. We treasure our incredible friendships that are like family when our family is far away. There are few friendships that have stood the test of time, but I know that these two are the kind of friends that we will grow old with, and when our kids are all grown up and moved away, we’ll sit in our deck chairs on the beach, Amy and I still talking about how awesome Justin Timberlake still is, while we watch Stace and Dylan try to wrestle each other to the ground like old times, until they are tired, and we have to retreat back to our house for Stacy’s classic London Fogs, and a good game of Monopoly Deal.

Our future will always be bright šŸ™‚

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