Some things I learned from my Vision board:


I – for the most part – am all about putting your vision in front of you. Dream boards – vision boards – whatever you’d like to call them is up to you, but the basic principle is the same. The purpose of them is to keep you focused on your goals, your hopes, your dreams.I do believe the stats the “experts” quote about writing down goals versus not writing down goals are legit.

But what I also realize ( in all my years of goal setting and vision boards ) is that the only one who is the true expert when is comes to my life and vision, is simply ME.

I have brought myself great sadness when I saw a goal put down and I didn’t achieve it – (like it was in my power to do or not do). There are some tangible goals that are in my power. Maybe thats why people generally like vision boards. It puts alot of the cards in our own hands. Its about what WE do to make these things happen. How much WE work or how many years we put in OUR TIME in to get those goals checked off.

This can be good, but what I have been learning, is that much of what I am experiencing in life right now are WAY over and above what I could ever have imagined, and I could not have earned, achieved, or even dreamed these things up myself. The experiences that are going on now, I probably wouldn’t have even believed if I had put them down last year on my dream board.

Maybe the vision I have, is always on my heart, and is in front of me every day, dream board or no.

I think God has his very own dream board that HE has already filled up and is seeing all those things come to pass in my life. I just get to believe, REST and enjoy.

That’s where I have hope. Not in my own human dream board, but in God’s giant dream board for me. It’s about love. Everything stems from that. My life is blessed. I feel like I am living a full life everyday. I get to be a mom, and a wife, raise incredible kids, and enjoy my marriage and my husband. I get to love my career, and even in struggles, we can face our days with joy. The last 3 months have been some of the hardest physically of my life, but some of the best in life experiences, provision, and peace.

I’m still going to have my Vision board and my goals, but to be honest, when I just step back to keeping it simple, I seriously get the privilege of living stress free everyday, trusting – instead of busting ( my butt overworking ) and I am content.

This is just my story. I used to be a workaholic, depressed when I saw the people in the music industry who I feel stole a lot of life (and money) out of me,  just rise to “success” (and I use that word cautiously) in their lives . It paralyzed me for years that I stepped out in integrity only to have it feel like I halted my career. So days like today I treasure. That I could surrender, forgive others and even value myself,  and in my brokeness still have life.

Dream on friends, God has a giant dream board with your name on it too…

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