When Grandma comes to town.

Stacy and I both have the most amazing parents. We are very blessed with legit, truthful, supporting, non overbearing parents, who have really taught us to “fly”. It hasn’t been without concern or perhaps the occasional eye roll, as well as ” are you going to be ok? ” or ” when are you getting real jobs?” haha. Its what parents do, and we love them for it. They have taught us how to be us, our way. We have had the amazing privilege of having parents who believe in us, and all our crazy dreams and goals, but most of all, they love us no matter what, and they love our kids ridiculously! Β It is truly a treasure in this day and age, and it really makes us miss living in the same city as them all. Or maybe we love them and appreciate them even more because we don’t live in the same city. Regardless, we never take a moment with them for granted.

With that said, my mom in law or “Gran” Β – as we all call her – came to town. Kids were excited, we were excited, and we know what a big deal that is, because Gran hates planes and flying – especially by herself. It’s not just a visit when grandma comes, it’s a sacrificial act of courage on her part. So, we are so grateful for the time we get.

Some of our Grandma fun: Tea and Candle making in Fort Langley, Wendells cafe, Getting motorcycle helmets – Yes! Taking gran bowling for the first time, and GLOW bowling at that! A little bit of shopping, lunch at the Teahouse in Stanley park, and tons of grandma time at home, reading, playing, baking cinnamon buns. Wow. Happy πŸ™‚


Thanks Gran, we love you xoxox ( I write that as though she’ll see this, but probably not because she doesn’t have a computer lol)


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