My 10 year old on homelessness in Vancouver.

When walking downtown, my oldest – Zac – who’s 10 almost 11 –  ( who has been the hardest to convince that this move is a good thing ) says to me: ” I really like the city mom. ” but the only thing is, I don’t like seeing the people on the streets. It’s sad to me. ”

Zac has a HUGE heart. He’s tough on the outside, but filled with compassion. And what I’ve noticed with Zac is that his compassion moves him to ACTION. He’s already rallied his school to raise money for africa, he’s on a journey to raise more, and now, I see him wanting to end homelessness in Vancouver.

As a mom, I did my best to explain what I knew of the situation, but nothing moved me as much as his conversation. Pure of heart, and filled with love. He says to me, ” You know, perhaps if they’d even help each other, they wouldn’t be homeless anymore. ” He was speaking of two specific people he’d seen. One had no shirt, and was cold, but had food. One was looking for food but had three blankets ar0und her. He wanted to help, and you could see the fire in his eyes to DO something.

We talked for a while about what we could do, and how we as a family bring clothes to various organizations to help, how people are people and we value them, whether they have a home or not. I was just praying I had the right words to say.

I told him when he was brave enough and maybe a little older, he should start to just talk with them, buy them a sandwich, maybe give them a hug.

Then I asked him how he feels when he sees them. He said its hard for him, but he prays every time. I asked him if he would share with me what he prays, and this was his answer:

” I pray for provision, and that they would live life to the fullest. ”



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