Today I fell in love with someone else.

photo-28For whatever reason, I had a thought it my head that art galleries were boring. Not sure I had a bad experience when I was a kid, or maybe I was just always too busy to think I’d walk around and look at art that I didn’t understand. Regardless, I stayed away as it wasn’t high on priority list.

Well, this week, I fell in love…with artists I’d never really heard about before.

My 8 year old son Jaedon wanted to visit the Art gallery as he had been there and LOVED it. Not too much excites him like that, so I thought we’d try it out. Stace and I had a pass, so we got in for free, as well as it was spring break activities so the kids also got in for free too. Love that haha.

And then, that’s when it happened…I realized that I had just never taken much time to admire and be inspired by someone else’s art. I think I do that with musicians, but that’s what I do. I never realized how much work on a wall would inspire me even more to create.

photo-27The works of Patrick Faigenbaum, Emily Carr, Charles John Collings, James Hart. The art gallery curators do an impeccable job on the displays, as well as informing newbies like me all about who the artists are and why they have grown to artist notoriety. On top of that, the gallery does afternoon concerts and that days they featured an ensemble and vocal quartet performing Mozart’s Requiem.

I grew up playing classical music. I played double bass in orchestras as a teenager, and I LOVE hearing classical music performed. It was such a treat while we were there. The architecture, the music, the art. I never knew I could fall in love so fast with a place!

I was amazed. It’s one of my new favourite places to go. They even have family activities every month! I asked Stacy if he would get me a membership for my birthday even! I’m making a list of places I can go for meetings or to be with friends instead of lunches and dinners ( although their cafe patio is amazing and I’d eat there anytime too ) and this is my new venue.

I was so changed by this day. Maybe I’m just older and taking more time to breathe and enjoy all that life has to offer. Nevertheless, I’m loving every minute of it!

I walked through the halls, and I also had a thought of seeing my friends’ Shari+Mike Vallely’s work in there someday. Shari takes unbelievable pictures of weddings and families, but also what I love about her is some of the work I’ve seen on her walls that often aren’t in her blogs. They are pictures of LIFE, of the world, of beautiful stories surrounding her, her husband and their journeys. I think its more than good enough to hang on those walls! Someday Shari! xo

~ M

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