Changing my narrative. Thank you Arlene.

PersuasionAll of us – I think – at some point in our lives have experienced or will experience incredible hardships that could really make or break us. I have found  – and I agree with Arlene as she writes this – is that what often defines how we move forward is how we play out our own narrative in our heads. Are we the victim, or the victor in our situations? Right now, I’m reading this incredible book called “Persuasion” by leading entrepreneur and hands down ( in my opinion ) one of the best Dragon’s on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, Arlene Dickinson. Her book ( which, by the way, talks about how even the term ‘persuasion’ is viewed as negative, but is actually a positive term when used correctly in situations) speaks of life, identity, mistakes, motherhood, business, and integrity all in one pretty incredible read.

What I’m learning, is that I have made a lot of mistakes, but I get to decide what happens next. It’s so freeing. It also allows us to believe in who we see ourselves to be and go after that.

The one thing I find interesting in the book is that Arlene talks about growing up in the Mormon church, and how her early life was shaped as a result. She describes feeling a lot of condemnation, guilt and hurt from her early mistakes. I don’t know what, or how she believes now, but I know as a young person, and young married woman also, I can relate especially because I also grew up in an environment that seemed to be more about looking ” perfect ” than the power of who Jesus is and how he loves us AS WE ARE.

Arlene, if I ever get the chance to meet you ( or if you ever read this blog, which is totally not a impossibility ), I’d tell you that you are an inspiration and an encouragement to myself, as well as so many in this country. As a mother, I understand. As a business woman, I grit my teeth as I watch the show when entrepreneurs pick the “guys” over you just because they are “guys” in the Den, and as a wife, I wish you all the best in your marriage and your family. You are by no means finished taking on Canada and the world, and I hope I get to walk some kind of journey with you at a point in my life! Take some time to rest, and if there’s anything that I have learned in this business, it’s Restful increase is so much better than stressful increase. Thank you for writing your book, and being exactly who you are.

A fan, Marika

Persuasion Photo credit: Kathryn Hollinrake

To learn more about Arlene and buy the book:

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