Today, I PLAYED! (and you should have seen the stares from the other mamas hahaha)

I am going through a class with an incredible group of women, where initially, I showed up to be there for a friend for moral support and encouragement as she taught. I knew I’d learn a lot, but what she has to say, has literally changed my life. There is much I can say, but I’ll leave that for when she teaches her next session and you all attend, but what I want to share has to do with food and exercise. I love food, hate exercise. I never wanted to be a part of any of the diet/health trends and tried my very best to really stay away. I did a quick loss/try to eat healthy –  plan once, when I was getting ready for a photoshoot and single release, and I did lose a lot, 30 lbs actually. I looked great, but I saw that everyone else seemed to appreciate that fact also, and they were paying way too much attention to me and my new slimmer figure, whereas, I was really ok with myself even at the 30lbs heavier me. Needless to say, I went through many difficulties after that, and I gained much back. I wasn’t miserable. Just living my life. In fact, I’d freed myself from trying to figure all the weight stuff out and just lived my life to enjoy it. Lately though, as I have been sick, as well as getting older, I’ve realized that it’s so important to take care of myself. I didn’t want to join a club, or a gym, or eat nothing. To me, thats not LIVING for me. Hear me now, these health decisions have to personal for YOU. Everyone is DIFFERENT. And that’s the amazing thing about this. So, Monica ( my friend and soon to be super global kind of professional trainer freedom fighter ) shared that we must change our mindsets.

DIET is now ” NOURISHMENT ” – WOW – what a paradigm shift, and EXERCISE is PLAY! HOW FREE I AM!!

I never looked at exercise as play. It always seemed like hard work. And it is, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. That’s why this paradigm shift has changed me. I realized, that even growing up, I didn’t play a lot. I was on musical instruments most of my elementary and high school life, and LOVED IT. Its what I do still now, so I know that paid off. But, play? That stopped I’m sure when I hit grade 7. I was focused, determined at school, and lost my urge to PLAY! In fact, I think play seemed immature and irresponsible to me. And yet, how UNTRUE that is.

When we change the word, we make PLAY something we love, whether that be for some – going to the gym, running a marathon, hitting the slopes. For me, I had to redefine and come up with what that meant, as a 32 year old. Well, I know what I LOVE to do. I love to be with my kids in the park, on the beach, on our bikes, walking with friends. Theres more, but Im just getting started. So, today, I JOINED THE KIDS, and I didn’t just watch them play. I joined in.  AND IT WAS THE MOST FUN! We went to Kits beach as our kids had some auditions in the city, and we just headed to the park after. We swung on the big round disc swings. I sat in the middle and JJ and Zoey stood on the sides and swung me, (with their butts in my faces and all! ). We LAUGHED SO HARD! My stomach felt all weird, and I just couldn’t stop laughing. Then we all jumped and ran around the round-about. We went so fast I almost fell off. And again, LAUGHED so much. I was having the best time of my life. And at that point, when I saw all the other moms at the park looking at me wondering what I was doing, I realized not just a day ago, I would have been one of them. I would be looking at me thinking ( she’s a weirdo ). Possibly what I may have been asking myself too was ” Why does she get to have so much fun? ” Hmm. ( Also, last time I checked there were no rules at this park where the parents couldn’t play WITH the kids lol ) I realized, as a woman, and as a mother, I’d given myself rules and regulations of doing life. Some are great that keep me focused on goals. But some – mostly to do with play and exercise, totally SUCKED and I just never allowed myself to just have fun FOR ME. I could for the kids, because thats a good ‘mom’ thing to do, but when did I last play because I wanted to? I’m not sure.

I’m not saying every Mom is now going to jump on the roundabouts, but you see, today, that was my ‘exercise’ and I LOVED every minute of it. I don’t go to the gym, and you know, thats totally ok. I won’t over eat, because I will try to only eat what my body needs, BUT I also won’t feel guilty if I’m eating a treat with the kids thinking I have to run it off at the gym harder the next day. I’m FREE.

Even as I write I can’t contain my excitement, even thinking of how I can teach my kids to live free from the world’s way of thinking and  teaching especially my daughter, who – even at kindergarten age – is having conversations about weight, and looks etc. Its a new day. And I’m loving every minute of this new – hopefully long term – way of life!

ps. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of my day, I was having too much fun being in it, as opposed to taking pictures from the sidelines like usual 🙂

~ M

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