Love you Mum xo

photo-33My mother’s name is Helen, and today is her birthday. I get the privilege of having two amazing mothers, my white one – Wanda, (haha,  my mom-in-law ) and my brown mum -Helen ( my mum ).Today, I want to honour her and just write about how amazing it is to have a mother like her.

photo-36My mother gave of her entire life to raise us kids, and be there for us. She was at every concert, every play, every soccer game, every music lesson, and I realize now the time she really gave us. I am learning that in life, TIME is the most precious thing one can give. And how blessed I was to have my mother present and engaged in every aspect of my childhood.

photo-34In England, when my dad was completing medical school and just starting his career, we would move from city to city, and sometimes in the transitions, we’d have to catch bus after train after bus to get to school and back, till we found one closer to attend. That’s crazy, but I never remember my mum complaining. In fact, I have no memory of my mum really complaining or getting mad. I’m sure she did, but I remember her being always kind, caring, and hard working. She worked hard as a nurse while dad was still in medical school, cooked and cleaned, took us to church, all our lessons, and still made us lunches even through high school ( and they were sooo good! ). She encouraged us kids to be great citizens of the world, but most of all, she loved us no matter what. When I was young, she would sing all of us to sleep dressed in her nurses uniform, because as we were ending our day, she was just beginning her night shift at the hospital. My parents dreamed of a better life for our family, and they worked hard for it, but they also raised us in the middle of it all. They were a young working family, and they chose to have us and teach us much of that same determination that we all have today in our lives, going after what we set our minds to. They were immigrants in foreign lands, but they never let that stop them from achieving their dreams.grandkids

My mum is one of my heroes, and always will be. I am blessed that she gets to be around as a grandmother to our children, and that is something I treasure so much as I never had the opportunity to grow up with grandparents. I love the times we get to be together to just live life, and I miss her much when sometimes I just want to go for afternoon tea. We are still a plane ride away, but am glad we are not too far. Blessings mum today, and for the rest of the year. Thank you for being so incredible my whole life xoxo ~ Sammy ( that’s what she calls me. long story lol hahaha )

One thought on “Love you Mum xo

  1. I have known my sister in law..when she came to Mauritius when she married your dad….she was and is still welcome to our family.My Dad and Mum loved her a lot…she is a model and special as daughter in law…said my mum and dad…She always a smiling person and very good to our family.Proud of her and my bro too…God Bless them always…
    For sure my mum and dad miss to see all their grand-son and grand-daughter…But they saw pics of you all…
    Though I have never met you all niece and nephews….love you so much!!!

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