Things I wish I’d learned in high school that I will teach my kids…

Van3School seems so important to everyone, and yet no one really ever stresses how vital LIFE is, and learning to LIVE IT WELL could make or break it. I have to tell you, I learned a lot from my parents, and that included working hard, and being anything I wanted to be. They gave me every opportunity I ever could ask for and they sacrificed for it, but there’s just some things that I wish would have been part of the school curriculum that weren’t. Instead we were bombarded with crap we’d never remember now, and stuff that wasn’t even legit, like the the planet ( or non planet Pluto lol ) That’s all this is about.

I compiled a list of things I’ve learned over the years in my late 20’s that I will make sure my kids know, and still as I debate over sending them back to school next year, or homeschooling, I’ll continue to manoeuvre my children through this crazy world, and try my best to make a difference that means something. It’s not a ‘regrets’ kind of list, its merely to prove how aware I need to be in what I teach my children from what I didn’t know before, but know now!

So, when I was younger, I wish that…

1. In all the math classes someone would have taught me about balancing my cheque book, mutual funds, how much college and university really costs, staying away from credit card debt and stuff like: if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Simple hey lol.

2. Instead of Sex Ed, someone would just have mentioned that having a kid messes with your whole entire insides and you’ll never be the same again. Forget STD’s and condoms, start telling girls the other stuff and they’ll fight boys off with sticks, and won’t have sex till they are like 40 haha

3. That someone would have told me how to do my taxes, and getting a great accountant could change your life 🙂

4. That being “mature” doesn’t mean having less FUN.

5. That I had learned more about mental health, and taking care of myself.  ( I’m blessed that in my adulthood I asked questions with a Dad who educates me on this, but I  hope everyone could have a Dad like mine to help  when they are younger)

6. That someone would have told me about the “black” people hair section in walmart. Although I grew up in Medicine Hat, maybe they didn’t have one there lol.

7. That when I had “job” shadow day, someone would have told me anything about entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs are awesome. ( Again – thanks Dad for showing me this is AWESOME! )

8. That doing what you dream is ok, as opposed to doing something you hate just for money. There is no security in anything in this world, except Jesus 🙂

9. That being in the entertainment industry is a great career, not just something you make fun of in the tabloids or read about in People magazine. Aside from what you hear, some of the best people work in this industry.

10. That TIME is your most valuable commodity on this planet, so don’t waste it doing stupid things, or having people waste your time. Be purposeful in everything you do – even in the FUN that you choose. REST and TRUST more.


There’s more I’m sure, but that’s it for now:) With all that said, this is the kind of view I’ve had all week. Doing some house hunting, driving kids to auditions, meeting with some incredible people in the music industry, and got my life changed once again from a visit to 604 records, but most of all getting myself healthy. In the midst of productivity, I also got awesome family time, and rest, it’s been a great week! And the weekend is the most exciting part of all! Tell ya later! xo

~ M

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