20130528-002839.jpgIt’s my miracle year πŸ™‚ Yes, I say that, because as I turn one more year older, I try to find something potentially fascinating about the year I head into. I am a believer, and by that, I mean Jesus style. To go a little further, He took to the streets, met people where they were at, and He loved them. He didn’t judge, there was no exclusivity, and He didn’t favour one because of their “credentials” over another. He simply LOVED. This is how I daily aspire to live, and also how Stace and I aspire to raise our children.

Jesus was 33 (or so they say) when he performed the greatest miracles of His life. I do believe that the best is yet to come. I am believing for some pretty incredible things this year, and why not dream big? I think everybody should. Your dream will look very different than your neighbour’s but the coolest thing about dreaming big, is that it’s exactly what you make of it. Your life is there to be lived by YOU and no one else!

Its been an intense first half of the year, and I am ready to look forward. I’ve been in and out of doctors appointments but nevertheless have enjoyed being a part of the journey of business and artist clients making incredible moves in their career and life. One client and good friend got nominated for an Emmy and Leo awards, another performed his first live show, another found the love of her life and went from being a beauty Queen Miss to a MRS! Another won music awards for original music, another is topping charts at Canadian radio, and another I just found out just won Miss Universe Canada ( Go Riza! ). My family is more than ever at the forefront of my life, and I’m loving every minute of raising my 3 world changers and watching God open doors for Stacy in just about anything that he puts his hands to. I’m ready for my move, and to experience the next adventure waiting for us, possibly on the other side of that really big bridge that separates our suburb from the big city. And… I’ve become a really really big fan of the new Star Trek movies. I may need to be friends with Chris Pines and Zachary Quinto mostly because we are the same age, and that’s cool. That’s all.

I am believing for 33 to be a year of health, wellness, provision and promise!

Live long and prosper πŸ™‚

Kirk Out.



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