Our May in Pics.

This was my May: Mother’s Day & 12th anniversary tea, Jaedon filming on Mattel set, my 33rd birthday, Birthday camping trip. Hanging with the fabulous HOLLE band, Telus Day of Giving, School play, Zoey’s trip to the Aquarium, Zac’s field trip to Victoria, First magazine cover story, Miss World Canada. Wowzers. And we threw some random regular life moments of May in there too 🙂 ( Not like our life is regular or anything lol )

~ M

photo copy 19 photo     photo copy 17  photo copy 15 photo copy 14 photo copy 13 photo copy 16 photo copy 11  photo copy 9 photo copy 8 photo copy 7 photo copy 6 photo copy 2photo copy 5 photo copy 4 photo copy 3  photo zm famtelus tent2 tent holle1 zrphoto copy 20photo copy 18photo copy 21photo copy 30photo copy 32 photo copy 37photo copy 45 photo copy 34 IMG_00000038IMG_00000111photo copy 35photo copy 48photo copy 49 photo copy 50 photo copy 51 photo copy 52 photo copy 53 photo copy 54 photo copy

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