See How Much I Love You.

It’s something that Stacy and I have been messaging each other for the last 12 years of our marriage. And it comes in all different shapes sizes and materials 🙂

shmily1The first year we were married, we purchased a book that was a daily journal to read together in our first year. The very first story told of an elderly couple who were telling this story to their grandkids of how they would leave SHMILY messages anywhere and everywhere as little reminders to each other of their love. I fell in love with this story and how they had kept up this gesture for the rest of their lives. I remember thinking that would be so cool to do with each other. Well, it sorta stuck. For the last 12 years of our own marriage, it has become a staple in our “love” gestures to each other. Stacy will do anything from making the word out of candy, to writing it on our mirror so that after our shower the steam reveals SHMILY on the wall. We’ve written it in the sand on our travels around the world. We’ve made it on our camping trips out of pretzels in between car rides, and had it drawn in cartoon characters at Disneyland. And the list goes on.

shmily2The kids know what it means. Everyone else Im sure thinks we are weird, so I wanted to dedicate a blog to this awesome thing that Stacy and I do for each other. When I’m old and have grandkids, I’ll write a similar story like the one in the book I read, and I’ll have pictures to prove it. There’s something powerful about leaving a legacy of love for my kids that they see between their mom and dad, and they notice it too.

So that’s the story of SHMILY.


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