Frankie Cena: Mr. World Canada, 2013 UBC Sauder Business School Graduate, Friend.

frankieDear Frankie, I remember when we met a few years ago at a singing audition for a local tv show. I was an already top 40 radio pop artist facing my fear of auditioning for tv shows, and you were a student who had big hopes and dreams in his eyes, and a voice to match that inspiration. You had no idea who I was ( which I was totally ok with lol ), but you encouraged me nevertheless to just dream big and do my best. In those moments Frankie, you reminded me of how I once was, you helped me get my courage back when it came to performing. From that day on, I knew you were going to do big things in this world just because of your attitude towards life, your career, and your heart to encourage others no matter who they are or what they dream. After that, you kept popping up in my life in random places, and I am blessed that we crossed paths more Frankie2and eventually became friends. I have watched you win countless singing competitions, receive your Mr. World Canada title, travel the world coaching debate, become an American Eagle Model, and now graduate from business school. It was an honour to share in your celebration with your family, and I really felt like a proud big sister. We love you no matter what – titles, or no titles, and I know that your journey has only just begun. No matter what you do in life, I wish you nothing but the best. Stace, myself and the kids will always be around cheering you on, sharing the stage together, and just carrying on doing like we do. You are an inspiration Frankie, and we are blessed to call you friend. We love you. Onwards and upwards. Happy Graduation! xoxoxox ~Marika


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