Siewert Style.

SiewertI’m sitting on my couch with my middle son Jaedon in my arms. He had just had a bit of a traumatic moment ( for him anyway ) as he accidentally slammed his fingers in the door. He’s a tough kid. I mean tough. The kid was born with huge muscles and he’s thick like a body builder. This kid in his first gymnastics lesson was doing back flips and front flips and no one knew how lol.

But, I decided that for the next 5 minutes, we were just going to hug. He just needed a hug. Not a bandage, or the ER, or anything else, but a big hug and a kiss from his Mom.

It was in this moment, that for me, in my journey, I realized that my kids need more of me, not less. I tend to think that as my kids get older, it is my job to let them be more “independent”. Absolutely there is truth to that, but that doesn’t mean be entirely independent of the relationships with our family. As the kids grow, I enjoy giving them a bit of freedom physically and emotionally, but I know that I’m fully responsible for them, and I believe that they can be kids that will love God, value themselves, love others, and maybe change the world around them because of those things. ( They are already changing their worlds, and I’m blessed to see them live with energy and ambition! ) I read an article that spoke to me this week. If you’d like read it here.

Of course, my journey isn’t for every body, but what I’m finding is a few tidbits to keep me going on the path of figuring out how I parent through every ever changing season of my kids lives. We are also young parents – which was our choice, but it just means we navigate differently and in many ways, have to trust more. It however doesn’t mean we give up on ourselves, our dreams, or our dreams for our kids. On the contrary, it makes it exciting that our kids get to do the journey, so they too can experience the real life truth that anything is really possible.

Here’s a quick shortlist of ideas I’ve been realizing:

1. More hugs and kisses, and less dismissing for the busy-ness of housework, or some other chore.

2. More reading aloud together – even when they are more than capable of reading themselves. They WANT me to read. And it’s become kind of fun, because I read to them in an English accent!  They started that because they knew I grew up in England and I never speak British, so we’ve made British storytelling time lol.

3. Spend our money on less stuff, and more on family adventures.

4. Sing them to sleep. They’re the best audience I’ll ever have.

5. Relax more, and play with them. When they get older, the play will look different, but won’t be less.

6. Less tv time and computer time, and more playing tag in the house and building forts.

7. Family movie night can totally now include working on a movie set all together on the same night, and getting paid for it.

8. When we’ve believed and trusted God, we found that we could carve out the life we want no matter how difficult or impossible it feels at times.

9. God hasn’t called us to things we “hate” for the sake of provision or money. He has given us the choice to ask for the life we wanted to live, and we’ve had to make the choice whether we want to trust ourselves, our abilities, our connections, even others opinions of us, or just trust HIM for the provision.

10. One day, sooner than I think, my kids will be grown and I’ll have a whole life still ahead of me, so I’m treasuring the moments I have with them now more than anything in the world.

11. Facebook sucks, but I’ll continue to post my adventures, because maybe someone is waiting on the other side of my post to be inspired to live the life they have also dreamed.

12. Thank you for reading. xo – Marika

Picture credit: Christopher Owen. Citylights Summer Wrap party.


Good places, Great People.

We often get asked questions on what we really “do”. Well, aside from the obvious (, every week is different. Both of us being self employed is a challenge – especially when balancing income versus outcome, but it can be the best adventure as well. We succumbed to the fact that we may never have a set schedule, and that can be freeing yet difficult in the same instance. I like a little routine, so we keep it where we can, and roll with the punches the rest of the time! It’s different for sure because the kids are not in traditional school. We are learning to manoeuvre life, rest, work, school, and finding new community in a new city. It’s going great. Again – not without challenges, but I have to say, I’m so happy inside and out!

This week on the agenda for the Siewert Famjam: Homelearning, Comedy Class, Stacy’s birthday and friend drop in’s – with cheesecake 🙂 Sushi with a bestie. Wedding photography, Filming on the series “100”, Music performances, Scootering all over Vancity, meetings in Gastown, writing music articles for some magazines, dance classes,  and callbacks for TV hosting. Thats just a few things. It sounds busy – which is why people think we are busy, but we are not. We are productive, and there is plenty of time saved to just be with people and “be” in our community, serve, help, and live.

We visited some pretty stellar places in our neighbourhood. I may start writing about some of my favourite places/events/people that we get to see. Honestly, it also helps me remember and log some of it for our home learning adventures too! We do purpose to actually enjoy Vancouver, not just work so hard we don’t get to take time to really LIVE in it.

So here are some highlights of our week, that if you get a chance, go try them out!

8172013134140Trees Organic Cafe in Gastown – where I set up my office yesterday. Great atmosphere and you can tourist watch as you work, which can be kind of humorous at times. You can also run into friends, which makes a heart happy.

Max’s Deli – a cool place by Oak and 15th. You can order full on lunches and dinners to pack up and go home. Great food whether you eat in or eat out!

Jethro’s – Great breakfast place around Main and 15th. Biggest pancakes I’ve ever seen. Best part of this day was the company we kept. Friends make everything better!

Vancouver Public Library – I got a little frustrated at the customer service ( or lack thereof ), but once I was over it, it really is a beautiful land of learning for adults and children.

Showcase Pianos – I had the privilege of meeting with Manuel at Showcase Pianos. Their pianos are exquisite and they house the famed Fazioli pianos made by Mr. Fazioli himself. Very excited to work with this company in the future, but they have pianos there of all price ranges so if you’re looking go check it out. It’s worth a visit!

IMG_00001240_editIMG_00001241_editMink – Chocolate fondue – that’s all I need to say 🙂 Again – best part is the company. Had a great lunch with two incredible artists and some of our best friends Zaac and Rachel. Check out their work, hire them if you will, buy Zaac’s music. I only recommend the best! and

Rhinoceros – My new favourite store in Vancouver and it’s right under one of my favourite friends too 🙂

CityLights Church – we visited friends of ours as they are launching a new church on Boundary Road. Stellar people building a great community of people loving people. Check out their pancake breakfast this week and grand opening next week at After being sick for the first half of this year, I’m really learning to take everything moment by moment, so I encourage you to not just “survive”, but really pursue things that bring life to you! -M

He’s 33 today.

StacyHeadshotHe’s celebrating 33.

Today is Stacy’s birthday. He’s the most amazing person to me. Possibly because he knows every bit of all of me, and still loves me no matter what. Thats just so incredible to me. I am so blessed by this man. We were married young. Not on purpose. I planned to be a career girl, maybe get married when I was 35 or so, have a few of kids after that. But then life happens and when you meet someone that you know you want to always have adventures with, it doesn’t matter so much how old you are. Stacy promised to be by my side, love me no matter what, and dream with me wherever I go – oh and he’s got a killer gift for doing laundry 🙂 Thats a keeper 🙂 He’s not about titles, pocketbooks or what others think. He loves people for who they are, and I love that about him.

At 33, we celebrate him today. We did our traditional decorate the house and open gifts, but then him and the kids headed off as they were all filming on set today – still a fun day! He’s the best Dad. He knows he’s not perfect, but he certainly is awesome. He loves to learn, and he is a loyal friend.

DSC_8157r2If you get the privilege to be in his life like I do, you’ll know that he is a man of integrity, of character, and of Grace. He takes care of us by trusting God, and living in rest and keeping me sane! We have so many people looking in on our lives, and we tackle a lot of opinions, but Stacy keeps us strong and reminds us who we really are.  He’s a gem. And I love Him.

Dear Stacy,

As we celebrate you today, I just want to tell you how much I love you and am proud of the man you are. Everyone sees you, but few get to really be close to you and get to know the treasure of the man, the friend, the Dad and the leader that I know you to be, so I am blessed that we get to do life together.Thank you for doing our dreams, no matter what people say. Thank you for being by my side through the good times and bad just like you said you would. Thank you for being a real husband and a real present Dad. Thank you for raising our kids with me and making it the best adventure and for making life so much fun.Praying and believing with you for an incredible year ahead, and I look forward to all the good gifts that God has always promised! Love you a lot.

Sammie ( that’s what he calls me )