” Take me out to the ball game! “

5302013124429Zachary (my oldest boy – 11) played on a baseball team for his first time this year. I learned about the fun of the sport, the rules, the politics (lol), but most of all, I saw my amazing kid enjoy and be passionate about a sport that he was really good at. I also fell in love with baseball myself. Some say, timing is everything, and in the midst of Zac’s season, on a day that I took some time out to myself, I ended it with watching the movie ” 42 “. Β It’s an incredible story about Jackie Robinson – the first black baseball player in the major leagues and the challenges and victories he faced doing it. It’s inspiring for every viewer, but for myself as a woman of colour, it definitely hit close to home. 42 became my new favourite number πŸ™‚

IMG_00001106Last wednesday, through the miracle of divine circumstance ( that’s just fancy talk for ” my amazing God made something happen)Β  one of my most dearest friends Tami, (who is also an agent based in Seattle ) asked if I would sing the Canadian National Anthem at the baseball game in Everett Washington. Of course I said yes, and I found out that the teams playing were our very own Vancouver Canadians ( farm team for the Toronto Blue Jays ) and the Everett Aquasox ( farm team for Seattle Mariners ). It was also game 2 of their division playoffs and Vancouver was up 1 game to 0. Not only was it Vancouver, but it was also the second day of the official school year starting, and because the kids are “home learning” or should I say ” taking the world by storm and learning everything we can in our adventures ” kind of school, we got to take our whole family on the trip to see this amazing game.

Phillip and MarikaWell, I sang O Canada in America. The Canadians won 11-4 and I was blessed that we had a chance to be a part of it. I also sang alongside one of my friends and clients, former X factor finalist Phillip Lomax. He’s got a voice like Frank Sinatra, and it is seriously amazing. It’s one thing to do music, but it’s another thing to experience great moments with friends. The kids, at the end of the game, all went down to get their foul ball catches signed, and one of the pitchers – Matt Johnson – took Zac’s ball, told him that he’d get the whole team to sign it and to come back to get it from him in Vancouver. Well, for a baseball kid, Zac was ecstatic. Sure enough Sunday came, we decided to watch the game as a surprise to Gran and Pops who were in town from the farm, and we had a blast. The Canadians won 4-2 to Boise, and now the Minor League playoff final is tomorrow. At the end, Stacy and Zac went to the dugout, Matt knew exactly who they were, and he went and got the ball, signed and all by the whole Canadians team.

IMG_00001165There was something special about that. A guy took the time to do something for a kid and kept his word. It blessed my heart. I’m a fan.

So, the season is almost over, but I’ll be watching 42 every once in while to keep me going. I’m probably going to youtube ” Take me out to the ball game ” and make my kids learn the song with me so we can sing it loud and clear with the whole stadium next time, and I’m going to buy Zac a case for his ball so he can keep it forever. We’re making a memory, and for a girl like me (who I have to say when it comes to fun, I am very hard to impress), this experience, was an absolute blast. Thank you Vancouver Canadians, Matt Johnson, Tami and Phillip, my stellar family and… to the American who invented garlic fries, you all made my week πŸ™‚


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