He posted a kind post about something I dislike. Thanks Babe:)

I entered a contest right as the deadline was approaching. I found out after I entered that you win by voting. The prize was to open for one of my favourite bands as they come through Abbotsford BC which is sooo close. I actually don’t like contests, and I don’t like having to win by votes. I don’t get a lot of votes really. Never have. Not sure why. And, when I enter, the insecurities of why I don’t win come back to me. Maybe it’s because I’m brown, maybe it’s because I’m pop, maybe it’s because I’m older. Maybe it’s because I don’t have as many videos as the young kids, maybe it’s because I’m a mom. But, at the end of it all, I know who I am, whose I am, and that everyday I sit at my piano, practice what I know, and do what I choose to make my living doing: I sing, I play, and I write.

My good friend pointed out that for him contests are ” just another tool in his toolbox ” – which is totally true for some. But for me, they just make me feel bad.

At the same time as all this is going on, I was encouraged as I met a woman for the first time and she said my music changed her life. That’s all I needed really 🙂 Thanks lovely! You made my week!

Just found this post today that Stacy must have put up yesterday on my Facebook page. I love him for trying. It doesn’t look like I’ll be winning this one, but Stacy makes it all OK. He tells me that all things are possible, with or without votes, so when I’m not that popular, he reminds me I’m valued even when I don’t feel like it. Thanks babe. Happy birthday tomorrow 🙂

” Hello all!! This is Stace here!! Just wanted to send some love out to my wife and also ask for yours in a contest to open at a Mercy Me concert!! http://a.pgtb.me/L5lG5J?app_data=entry_id%3D33711988 Go to this link to vote!! Thanks all!!’ “

He’s awesome. I haven’t fully given up, as I’m not a quitter, but if – oh about 500 or so of you want to vote, feel free: here’s the link!

I still think I could open by some other miraculous event, but either way, I’ll be ok. Thanks for reading 🙂 – M



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