He’s 33 today.

StacyHeadshotHe’s celebrating 33.

Today is Stacy’s birthday. He’s the most amazing person to me. Possibly because he knows every bit of all of me, and still loves me no matter what. Thats just so incredible to me. I am so blessed by this man. We were married young. Not on purpose. I planned to be a career girl, maybe get married when I was 35 or so, have a few of kids after that. But then life happens and when you meet someone that you know you want to always have adventures with, it doesn’t matter so much how old you are. Stacy promised to be by my side, love me no matter what, and dream with me wherever I go – oh and he’s got a killer gift for doing laundry 🙂 Thats a keeper 🙂 He’s not about titles, pocketbooks or what others think. He loves people for who they are, and I love that about him.

At 33, we celebrate him today. We did our traditional decorate the house and open gifts, but then him and the kids headed off as they were all filming on set today – still a fun day! He’s the best Dad. He knows he’s not perfect, but he certainly is awesome. He loves to learn, and he is a loyal friend.

DSC_8157r2If you get the privilege to be in his life like I do, you’ll know that he is a man of integrity, of character, and of Grace. He takes care of us by trusting God, and living in rest and keeping me sane! We have so many people looking in on our lives, and we tackle a lot of opinions, but Stacy keeps us strong and reminds us who we really are.  He’s a gem. And I love Him.

Dear Stacy,

As we celebrate you today, I just want to tell you how much I love you and am proud of the man you are. Everyone sees you, but few get to really be close to you and get to know the treasure of the man, the friend, the Dad and the leader that I know you to be, so I am blessed that we get to do life together.Thank you for doing our dreams, no matter what people say. Thank you for being by my side through the good times and bad just like you said you would. Thank you for being a real husband and a real present Dad. Thank you for raising our kids with me and making it the best adventure and for making life so much fun.Praying and believing with you for an incredible year ahead, and I look forward to all the good gifts that God has always promised! Love you a lot.

Sammie ( that’s what he calls me )


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