Our Learning Style.

image-8As a homeschool mother of 3 gorgeous crazy kids, we get to determine with our kids, how they learn, what they learn, and how to grow up and operate effectively in this amazing world of life in a way it works for them. We've all come to know that every single person learns, operates, thinks and creates so differently, and we wanted to give our kids a shot and doing what they love, and giving them the ability to choose how they do that. I'm not against public school at all. I love teachers and they are truly a gift to society, but we had enough challenges last year with a couple of the kids to make some changes this year.

image-2We are taking it year by year, but this year, we are making room for the kids to learn differently, and my kids are all brilliantly different. The year has been a blast so far. We found an incredible online curriculum for the basics called Time For Learning, as we are sticking to BC curriculum, but thinking way outside the box in terms of how they learn that. Here is a glimpse of us so far. Some of our topics include:

image-3fine art and music with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and the national Ballet of New Zealand at the VIFF screening of Giselle. Absolutely amazing!

Learning about Broadway musicals and experiencing performances first hand. 

image-4The art of cuisine : experimenting with lobster eating.

Acting for film and tv - all the time lol.


PDA - that's physical daily activity - getting happy with the Vancouver Happy statues, scootering around the city, baseball, parkhour, hip hop classes.


Family movie nights, walks around the new neighbourhood

The art of french baking and eating :)




...and we are just getting started :)



Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge | The Canadian Homeschooler

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