The day I became a Stand Up Comic.

Lafflines Comedy Club

Marika the stand up comedian.

” I’m a Mauridadian, which just means that I was the only 11 year old kid in my school with a moustache! ” ( My opening joke, followed by the sound of the audience laughing ). My joke was funny. And so began my 5 minute set, in front of a full house and live audience at the famed Lafflines Comedy Club in New Westminster last night. I’ll remember the night forever, as it’s the night that I officially became a stand up comic.

It was never my intent to do this. I don’t have a bucket list. I just do what I want when I decide to. It came about because I LOVE to LAUGH. After my move to Vancouver and a tough season of bad health, I was finally well, and realized how much more I wanted to laugh and bring more JOY into my life. My kids make me laugh every day, and they are such joy in my household, but I wanted to see how the pros do it as well as just say that I took a comedy class! I met an amazing woman Jan Bannister who runs the LaughterZone 101 program for comics. We met on the set of a TV show we were filming together, and we just connected. After talking, I found out that prior to comedy she was a psychiatric nurse, and had understood the need for laughter as a tool for wellness. She herself is a speaker and a working comedian. It intrigued me that you could take a 6 week course on comedy, and I jumped right in. I signed up, having no idea what to expect, but was anticipating 6 weeks of learning and a lot of laughter with my peers in the class. Most were aspiring comics, and it was great to meet new people from all over the place. The experience is something I will treasure for a long time. My classmates were all stellar human beings and some incredibly funny comics at that. I may be a bit biased, but on comedy showcase night yesterday, other comics were invited to perform, but our class just shone with their sets. Everyone was prepared, they brought their everything to the stage, and though many of us were nervous as hek, we got up there and we did what we came to do. I laughed, and laughed alot, but I think I was mostly so proud to be a part of this amazing group of very talented, very funny people who now were my friends. It was definitely a life highlight. However, it was bittersweet, as that was the last of our gathering together, but I hope to see them all one day on big stages, and who knows, maybe I’ll be sharing the stage with them again. The verdict is in. I made it through. Though on week one, I had no idea what I was doing, by week 6 I had a book full of handwritten original jokes, a routine that can carry me for the next year should I decide to carry on with comedy, and a night of a memory that will always have a special place in my heart. I made people laugh. And, I enjoyed it. I have a new found respect for comics as it is such hard work, a talent, and a gift to bring joy. Thank you to those who came out. I wish more could have shared it with me, but I am thankful. Thankful that I didn’t throw up from nervousness, thankful for Jan and all my classmates: Kevin, James, Clifford, Aaron, Wayne, Allison, Tim, and Hector, to Steve for being such a great host of the club, and thankful to Stacy for laughing, even when one of my funniest jokes was all about him 🙂 Thankyou for always being by my side in my crazy endeavours. Laugh on, it really is the best medicine.


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