My cousin Greg and the Japanese Redress Film.

1395183_10153426222000122_1390255404_nI wanted to take the time with you today to share and ask for your help on something. If you believe in human rights, and the value of it, then you may already know that we are in the 25th anniversary of the Japanese redress where the Japanese were given a public apology on behalf of the Canadian government for the way BC Japanese residents were treated during World War 2. The basics:  because of the incidents of Pearl Harbour, Japanese Canadians were no longer welcome in BC and they were stripped of everything they owned. They were told to move “East of the Rockies” or go back to Japan. It devastated a generation of Japanese Canadians who had built their homes, businesses and families here in Canada. After a very long ordeal, they were finally granted a public apology and were compensated some for their losses.

The reason I am writing, is because as a Canadian myself, whether you have Japanese relatives or not, human rights matter. And, we should have resources to teach the younger generations why that is, and the information of our own Canadian history is invaluable. When I saw the short film documentary that my cousin Greg Masuda made, I was truly moved. I realized how much as Canadians, even I need to be more aware of our culture, our neighbours, and fellow Canadians. This story shouldn’t be hidden. But right now, it kind of is. Greg made this documentary that has CBC footage that is only licensed to play in limited venues and festivals. He would however, like to be able to buy the licences from CBC to be able to distribute this film to a wider audience, especially schools for education purposes. The film is really good! At the core, it touches on the simple value of human rights, and how in an instant it was taken away from even our own people. Greg has brought to life something – that if there are no licences to continue – we may never get to see this amazing piece of art reach a wider audience of Canadians.

So, if you would take the time, he is SOOO close to reaching his goal with about 2 days to go.  If you would give 1 dollar, 10 dollars, give 100 dollars, everything helps Greg. To me he’s not just a film maker, he’s family, and a pretty stellar talented human being as well. Check it out. Thanks for reading everyone.

Check out Greg’s Kickstarter campaign here:

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