” Make Room! “

photo copy 16“MAKE ROOM!” This is our phrase for the year. Since the kids are school age now, it seems more like a new year when September rolls around and kids go “back to school”. This year obviously it’s a little different as they “homeschool”, “unschool”, “home learn”, “world change” whatever you want to call it, so we are not as much held to dates as we used to be. All that to say, in our new season, we feel like our focus is “making room”. That goes to say for many in things our lives. Out with the old, in with the new. Make room in our mindsets for abundance for everything we need and more. Make room in our schedules for surprises and opportunities. Make room in our new little place for things to function as a family of 5. Make room for mistakes, and even more room to get back up again. I’m learning that I am a person of order and comfort, so I have to say, everyday is a different journey and that can get a little crazy for me. I’m still a Mom, I like tidy, let me rephrase, I NEED tidy, and when kids are everywhere all day, I have to sometimes take a breath and let that go. They are after all, only young once. ( I still sneak in tidy sessions when they sleep lol ).

We see miracles constantly in our journey. Where we have made room so far, God has blessed us more abundantly than we could ever know. We are learning to trust, to work hard at what we need to work hard at – but in peace and rest, we focus our time and still remember to enjoy the moments. We are not “lazy” in any way. This – in our lives is NOT the case. We just do things a little differently now AND we are raising kids – young world changers really. There’s no time for lazy.

We are excited for whats ahead and so excited for what’s been going on too. Stacy just filmed a commercial for Amazon and I’m helping with his photography website too, Jaedon just read for another film part, Zac will be connecting with Free the Children as he wants to go and speak to his peers in schools, and Zoey is helping me with my style for my upcoming music video. Of course she is lol.

Chantal Tweet

My tweet from Chantal!

Oh – and this is pretty fun. I got a tweet from Chantal Kreviazuk which is pretty stellar too. It was for the CBC Songquest video I made. She’s a judge. A musical hero of mine too. I saw her perform with the VSO, and she is truly stunning! Thanks for the tweet Chantal!

And so, we carry on…

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