New radio single releases today! :)

MARIKA ITUNES_Fotor_edited-1Its a very exciting time and I’m also so blessed beyond words to be a part of this whole thing. I have a new Christmas single and it officially releases today. Im learning to enjoy and embrace these moments more, as it’s been a long time since I did a radio campaign. I believe in big dreams coming true. I still believe anything is possible, and I still believe that music changes the world. This song is one that I’m particularly proud of – not only because of it’s message, but also because of the many people that came together to bring it to where it is today. It is a privilege to say that I had a “team” on this one.

I had an idea about 3 weeks ago and once I shared the idea, everything kind of fell into place. With the help of some incredible people along the way, the perfect timing, and a few amazing miracles, the single officially goes across Canada this week and next.

For the first time in my music career, I’m having a song released to both Christian radio and Pop radio. It’s been a dream of mine to do this, and I couldn’t be happier to have this particular song launched to both. In the past my focus has been Pop radio, and I’m so grateful to the stations that have made the singles hits in the past. Pop radio has been so good to me, and I never take that for granted. I also have had the privilege of working with some stellar people in the Christian music world whom many have become dear friends, and that spurred the launch of the single to those airwaves also. It also releases on the heels of the “Unstoppable” album just being nominated for Pop album and Pop song of the year at the GMA Covenant Awards which are actually being held Nov 6th in Ontario. It all seems a little surreal, but I’m taking it all in, and just enjoying the season while it’s here.

As well on this journey, I have learned never to throw anything away. And by that, I mean my songs. This particular one going to radio, I wrote about 14 years ago. It has a few modern tweaks, but the basic song was birthed a long a time ago. I wrote it with my family in mind, and after a few years of traveling and being in different countries, I realized how blessed I was to have a pretty incredible family to share the holidays with. The song also came out of the fact that there are so many that don’t have that luxury, but how I wish and pray that everyone could know and experience the fact that they BELONG.

I’m very thankful to be able to bring the song to life, and to get it across the country as well. Thank you to all those that are helping me. I couldn’t do this without any of you. It’s humbling to know so many believe, and there are no words to express my gratitude in making this dream come true. xo

Here’s the song, buy it on iTunes and listen LOUD!!

And you can listen to it on Youtube:

This Christmas Time on Youtube

or on the marikaonline music page HERE

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