The Official Music Video – This Christmas Time

Ok, I really just couldn’t wait, so here it is!!! This Christmas Time!

As I mentioned previously, this experience was one of my most fun to date and it was definitely because of all the great people that were involved. A special thanks to all my cast and crew and all of the amazing businesses that either sponsored, donated or gave of their products and time. To get here has truly been a miracle, and in the midst of so many challenges for me in my journey as an artist, this moment is truly a great celebration that I will not soon forget. The hope that is in my heart is beyond what I’ve ever known. Enjoy the song, listen and if you like, share share share! Happy Early Christmas everyone!

Big Thanks To:

Thomas Wong, Abby Penner Envy Me Studios, Sweet Creations by Sarah, Kitchening & Co. Carly and Dan Wintschel, Black Pudding Imports, Clifford Prang, Monica Morong, Thai Go, Jonathan Simkin, Colin Janz, Maureen Francisco, Phillip Lomax, Daniel Ingram, Wanda Siewert, Jaelyn Siewert, Mia Sleeth, Tiffany Desrosiers, Breanna Schneider, Shylo Sharity, David Van Maren, Tami Wakasugi, Mandi Joy Derry, James Idol, Kel Li, Trinity Wong, Ron & Sue Robinson, Both my incredible sets of parents and my amazing hubby and kids Stacy, Zac, Jaedon and Zoey for all of your hard work, and spending the day just being a stellar part of this journey! xoxoxox

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