#10songs#10pianos. #RealLifeStory

CSI have a brand new single. I have plans to release it, and I still sit in my office wondering the best way to do that. I’ve talked with radio promoters and they have been really great. I’ve scheduled photoshoots, and brand campaign meetings, and all the things I know I should do. And all these things are a good part of the process. I still, however, find myself at the computer, on the phone and doing all the things the business side of me feels I should do, when all I really want to be doing is playing for people and letting the music be heard.

This “pro” is going back to my “amateur” roots. I’m falling in love with the music again.

The word “amateur” sometimes has negative connotations, but the word simply means doing something “for the love of” it. That’s exactly where I want to be.


In light of the amazing project that City Studio has put on in Vancouver, I have decided to make it my summer goal to play all 10 city pianos in the streets, playing 10 different songs I have CityStudio-Keys-to-the-Streets-Map-2014-580x397written with the last one being my newest single titled #RealLifeStory. I’m going to try and film them all in one day, maybe 2, but starting tomorrow ( Wednesday July 9th ), so come out and join me if you’d like to. You can follow my twitter @marikaonline and I’ll post the times and places of where I’ll be. Starting at 10am at the Canada place piano. Check here for all the locations http://citystudiovancouver.com/projects/keys-to-the-streets/

I’m a piano player at heart, and the fact that there are pianos in the streets of Vancouver just blessed my heart. There are community members and patrons looking after them in the rain, and they are being painted by different community groups in the city. It’s quite fabulous actually. After speaking with Sean from Pacey’s pianos to tell him about what I was doing, he enlightened me on the heart behind the project and it is truly inspiring. http://supportpiano.com

Music should be accessible. It is there to be enjoyed. Often times, it changes the emotional atmosphere of those that are around it. It scientifically enhances our way of life as we know it too, and music truly does change the world.

In my journey, I have encountered a group of people that have come alongside to help me to do this project, and I am forever grateful to these individuals. My Vancity Pulse tv crew will be filming and doing sound, and I’ll also be representing  a few of my favourite projects including my friend Sarah’s project at Vancouver We Love You [the t-shirt project] and the We DAY/Free the Children movement. I’ll release the videos and songs shortly after I record them, but I want to encourage you if you’re visiting, or you live in Vancouver, go and visit one of the pianos, maybe play something. It truly can change someone’s day and even your day. And to my musician friends who are looking for somewhere to play, you have a built in venue on the street that needs no license or permission to play. Just do it! It may just encourage you in your dream! Music is powerful and it is made to be shared…for the love of it. #RealLifeStory – M


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