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Songwriting Challenge Week 2 – Write an explosive Pop Hit 🙂

This week has been crazy busy. I’ve been thinking all week how I should probably not do this challenge and I thought of giving up all together as I have had so many other things that I have allowed to take priority over this one. Then tonight, I sang my kids to sleep with my guitar. Something I haven’t done in a very very long time. In fact, my husband ( who isn’t a self professed musician ) took up the job of learning the guitar and singing gospel songs to them to sleep so I could “work on my music”. I realized for all those days that I stressed about my next hit single, and writing my next track that what I did tonight at my kids bedside was actually – something like –  ” working on my music “. It kind of changed me actually. So instead of writing Lily a note of ” sorry I’m out “, I decided that I’d write this blog instead. To not give up, but to try and stay in the game. Not sure how long I’ll stay, but today, tonight, I’m staying. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to write a new big hit, so I’m posting this one. It’s mine, I own it, I wrote it. Hope you like it. It’s called RADIO.




S.A.C Songwriting & Blogging Challenge 2015

6panel_poster_backI joined a community of songwriters where we are part of a 6 week challenge to write and blog for the next 6 weeks. For those new to my blog, I’ll post a little bit about me, for those who have been avid readers, join me on this journey of this beautiful mess I may be in haha.

My name is Marika. My favourite ice cream is Mint Chocolate chip, I’m primarily a pop recording artist, and technically, I’m a professional songwriter as I have had numerous songs chart on top 40 Pop/CHR and Hot AC radio, Canadian Christian radio, #1 album and #1 songs in Asia, and lots of film and tv placements. I also write my own music and lyrics for the songs I record and perform. For the last 10 years, I had also been developing and coaching artists in to their careers through my company Emerton Records which was an incredible journey, but at the end of December 2014, I made the decision to close the company and focus back on to my own career and my family’s careers as well. 2 years ago, I became really sick and couldn’t tour the album I had just recorded, and it was a huge wake up call for me in terms of priorities and what I wanted out of life. These days, I’m very purposeful with what I do, how I do it, and who I do it with. My passion is to create great music, and entertainment with integrity that also brings a positive image to women especially in the forefront of the music and entertainment industry.

cropped-marika-reallifestory-small-1.jpgI joined the challenge as I think it’s pretty great when you have to discipline yourself to work on your craft so here I am. There has been so much going on in my career and my life, but I feel like I’m in somewhat of a season of starting over.

So far, I feel very behind in the 1st week challenge. There was some confusion on my registration so I was a late addition to the group, which – to be honest – threw me completely off as there was already so much said and done day 1. I joined day 2, which meant I was already playing catch up and in more ways than I would have liked. At the beginning of this year, I made a huge decision to not be on Facebook. Part of that was to LIVE in REAL LIFE, and be present. I know as far as career goes, so many thought this would be a bad decision for me, but I have loved being present, trusting in the opportunities that are right in front of me, and not feeling I have to update and keep up online. So, having to be on FB again for this challenge, is…challenging. Not sure how I’ll handle yet. Forgive me if I don’t interact so much on FB, but feel free to reach out in other ways. Also, please know, it’s not because I don’t love communication. I LOVE meeting people and hearing their stories. I just have four people I live with, that are all working full time in the entertainment industry, and I LOVE being present with them. These people are my husband and 3 amazing children who are making their own marks on the world all as professional actors. So – my time is spent songwriting, performing, reading scripts, dropping kids off, meeting with agents, coaching, and as well, making breakfast lunch and dinner, and oh yes…homeschooling. So – again, forgive me if I’m not on FB all the time.

The challenge: So, it’s pretty cool that we get to try and write a song to pitch to Matt Dusk. I’ve followed his career for a while now, as I think our songs were out during similar periods and I always love following other Canadian artists along the way. I don’t know what the song I’ll write will sound like, but I never say no to a good challenge. I guess my only hesitancy is that I’ve never written with an artist in mind. My songs haven been recorded by many artists, but I usually write them for me, and then they’ve been placed with other artists just by different opportunities. It’s worked so far, so maybe that’s my plan. Write a song I love and then pitch to Matt. We’ll see. I’ve haven’t started anything yet, but I did write one song this week, so I feel accomplished nevertheless. I had the privilege of working with a group of kids from Project Limelight – an organization run by two amazing ladies and casting directors, Maureen and Donalda based in Vancouver BC. I taught a songwriting workshop to 9 kids and their leaders and we created a song basically in about 3 – 90 minute sessions. The kids were from about 8-14 in age, and they wrote and performed an incredible song called ” Brave “. So – no progress on Matt’s song, but wrote one pretty incredible tune with these kids. It really was inspiring!!

So – on to week 2. Going to try and stay in touch, on track, and see where this takes me.