Radio for Radio

Songwriting Challenge Week 2 – Write an explosive Pop Hit 🙂

This week has been crazy busy. I’ve been thinking all week how I should probably not do this challenge and I thought of giving up all together as I have had so many other things that I have allowed to take priority over this one. Then tonight, I sang my kids to sleep with my guitar. Something I haven’t done in a very very long time. In fact, my husband ( who isn’t a self professed musician ) took up the job of learning the guitar and singing gospel songs to them to sleep so I could “work on my music”. I realized for all those days that I stressed about my next hit single, and writing my next track that what I did tonight at my kids bedside was actually – something like –  ” working on my music “. It kind of changed me actually. So instead of writing Lily a note of ” sorry I’m out “, I decided that I’d write this blog instead. To not give up, but to try and stay in the game. Not sure how long I’ll stay, but today, tonight, I’m staying. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to write a new big hit, so I’m posting this one. It’s mine, I own it, I wrote it. Hope you like it. It’s called RADIO.



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