Storyhive and the #RealLifeStory

storyhivepicOver the last couple of weeks, I have a been in a competition to receive 10 000 dollars to produce my next music video for my newest radio single #RealLifeStory. With minutes left of voting I wanted to say a few thankyous!

My friend Jesse Hutch is an incredible actor with so many great credits to his name ( he has acted with Candace Cameron Bure from Full House in the Hallmark movie Let It Snow, he was recently featured in an episode of Motive, and currently stars in Cedar Cove on the Hallmark channel ) He encouraged me to enter and he even came alongside as my team lead to direct the video. I am floored by his belief in this, in me, and his passion for us to win this!
Most importantly, Jesse is an amazing husband & father of 3, and we really wanted to show our industry the power of family, youth and community and all that we represent.
Jesse, thank you so much for who you are, your character and integrity in all of those even amongst some of the battles we have faced. You are a true friend, and your family is a treasure to me. I look forward to many more exciting adventures with you. Loreili, thank you for being in my life, allowing Jesse the time to work on videos and tweets and sharing his talents with us. Love you more than words xo

To Clifford Prang. Clifford is a comedian, a pastor, an actor, an event planner extraordinaire, also an amazing husband & father of 3, and my friend. Cliff, you have been an amazing support through this whole process too, and I hope we win this, and you win your spot in the #searchingforJeremiah video as that was epic. Dominique would lose out if he doesn’t choose you!
Thank you thank you thank you for always making me laugh, and for being a good friend to our whole family.

To Stacy and my kids. For the videos, the hugs, the fun and the adventures, thank you hugely to you all. This is fun because of you and thank you for making this whole voting thing – something that is always hard for me – so much fun with your awesome videos!

Thank you to Storyhive & Telus for being a huge part of empowering and encouraging artists like Jesse and I, and giving an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves! It is companies and communities like you that allow us to share our music and our art in hopes that we can be an encouragement to people along the way! Thank you for your emails, your advice, and for being real people on the other end of our communication. It has been a blast this far!

Lastly – I want to thank all of you – family, friends,fans & our extended Storyhive team who have voted, tweeted, shared, believed with us, prayed for us, and just been there. Your messages, emails, tweets and everything in between has been of huge impact to Jesse & I personally, and we will keep doing what we do regardless of the outcome! Thankyou all for coming on this ride.


Vote for us here!!!

Now, we have minutes left to vote so go do that if you haven’t!! Then, we wait and see….

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