“X” album release, #RealLifeStory heading to radio.

Happy 2016.

In celebration of 10 years of music and the anniversary of my very first radio single release, I decided to put all my past singles that never made it to an album all together on an album. Makes sense right? Sure. So here it is: X

( That’s Roman numeral for “10” in case my younger friends were confused ).

cropped-marika-22x22-12x12-copy.jpg It’s got some of my most favourite songs I’ve written in my career, including my very first top 10 singles “Radio” & “You Know I Will”, perhaps my most popular ones to date “Angel” and “This Christmas Time”, a new remix of Unstoppable by my talented friend, producer, and artist XAND3R, and a brand new single with the official release of  “#RealLifeStory”

It also closes that chapter for me on a decade, and as I look back on what has been quite a crazy ride, through the ups and downs, I am most grateful that 10 years later, I still get to make music, and that people – whether great or few – still want to listen. Though the journey did not go anything like I planned, I am so grateful to God that the biggest success in my life is the fact that I still love making music, and I get to live an amazing life alongside my husband of 15 years and 3 amazing children while doing it. That story is chronicled in the new song #RealLifeStory which I’m so excited heads to Christian radio stations across Canada next week. It seems only fitting that my closing chapter on a decade and the beginning of this new year release culminates in a new song that expresses the story of my adventures in living a life of Faith, Hope and Love and really, the roots of which I built my entire career. It’s been years of hard work, but it was the miracles that got me here. I also -through the journey- got to add credits like producer, writer, TV host and actor to my story, for which I am truly grateful.

To all those who have read the stories, bought the songs, stole the songs, texted when you heard the songs on the radio, tweeted me, FB messaged or commented, instagrammed, sent me a kind word, made youtube videos out of the songs, thumbs upped my videos, even for those who thumbs downed the videos lol, or, if I got the privilege of meeting you at one of my live performances: I do this for you – in a hope – that somehow you were and continue to be touched in some way, along the way, by the music I make and the life that I live. Thank you to you all.

And so we carry on…



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