For Joel, Chantal and Theo.

So, I made Top 10 most buzzed for CBC’s Songquest. Awesome. Very exciting actually. Voting. Not so much. To be honest, if I have to MAKE people vote, then I should just bow out now. HOWEVER. My strength in this industry is writing GREAT songs. Not that I’m saying Im the absolute best, but I know that I have worked hard the last 12 years, and the songs get played all over the place. Granted, most people still don’t know “who” I am as an artist, and for now, that’s ok. My time will come. For this competition however, one – it would be cool to have the song as Canada’s Hockey Song, and two – I’d want to win knowing that I got the most buzz and most votes because the song is just plain perfect for this. UNSTOPPABLE was written out of a story. I’m proud of this song, the lyrics and everything it stands for. It very much relates to champion spirit of Canada’s great game of hockey and I think the two are a perfect match. But, since it’s up to the talented Joel Plaskett, Chantal Kreviazuk, Theo Fleury, and a few others I don’t know of yet, I’d ask, that as well as the numbers of votes, I hope that they will also judge on the greatness of the song. If the song isn’t good, then it shouldn’t be voted for. But I want to win because the song deserves a win. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE PRESS, and MEDIA and posts and Tweets, so tweet away. I just know that in the big picture, I’m the glee club introverted nerd in the music industry, so I generally won’t get the majority vote. Yes this could be a pipe dream and it could still turn into a popularity contest from someone winning with the most “I buy my own followers ” kind of artist, and that’s ok too. It is what it is. However, I’ll take this as it goes, and enjoy the ride that it brings. Here’s a little video I made for the judges, but hopefully you’ll all enjoy it too! At the very least, check it out, press play, and go listen to Unstoppable 🙂 Sorry if I sound like I’m whining about voting contests? haha Maybe I am. Again, my blog. And I love this song.  I vote yes 🙂blog-Songquest2013-default (1)

Here’s the press release from Songquest:

Have you heard? Your Song Quest submission made our list of the 10 most buzzed about tunes so far! Check out our web feature about it here:

Here’s my CBC Music page –

Here’s a little video I made for the judges 🙂

I made top 10 most buzzed! Can I write Canada’s next great hockey song?

blog-Songquest2013-default (1)So, I received a call from the associate producer of CBC Music in Ontario, and I was quite excited. A while back, my white mama Wandy, encouraged me to submit a song for this contest. I didn’t need to write a new one, I already had one that I thought would fit perfect for this. So I submitted Unstoppable. Then yesterday morning I received a message that my song had made the top 10 most buzzed songs so far. That’s pretty cool considering there are a number of entries from all over Canada. I love that they saw something in the song. Now – the contest after Nov 20th is all about voting, and all who know me and my voting history know how that goes…never well. But I really believe in this song. So for this one, I just want to encourage you who love me and love this song, to just go to the page, hit play, and maybe share it with some friends. This song means a lot to me as it has definitely been an anthem for my life this year. It would be amazing to hear it as the Hockey Night in Canada song. Unbelievable actually. Regardless it is an honour to be mentioned in this top 10. So, we carry on! Thanks so much CBC Music Canada for making my day today. It’s always encouraging when you hear that people like the music that you’re making.

I’d love to get as much as press on this as possible, so if you’d like to help out, drop me a line. Otherwise, just check out the link below and the lovely email I received!

Have you heard? Your Song Quest submission made our list of the 10 most buzzed about tunes so far! Check out our web feature about it here: