Music Video Preview: This Christmas Time

So I can’t contain the excitement of how incredible the making of the video for “This Christmas Time” was. This was my FIRST official music video and I have to say that I had an incredible experience. It’s one thing to make a video, but it’s another to make it with your friends, your family and such an amazing team. The shoot was a lot of work, but so much fun. I am still in awe of how this whole project came together, starting right from the production with my talented friend Colin Janz, to radio promotion with my incredible radio teams, to yesterday where it all came together for the filming of the final video. I want to honour everyone properly in a post coming soon, but I do want to say a special thanks my director/videographer Thomas Wong who literally worked round the clock to get this all done, to all my cast and crew, the businesses that gave us such incredible food, candy and clothes to work with, and a HUGE thank you goes out to my good friend Daniel Ingram for letting us film in his amazing Gastown loft apartment. I was so incredibly blessed to have my whole family film with me, and even my mom in law and my niece Jaelyn flew out to see us, so we brought them in on the fun too. This project is something else, and I’m just enjoying and celebrating every single moment. Check out the preview and stay tuned for more. I love hearing your comments, messages and posts. They are so encouraging! If you’d like to stay tuned, you can check out the FB and twitter pages too –, and twitter at @marikaonline

Here’s the preview!!!

A Week of Awesome.

MARIKA ITUNES_Fotor_edited-1Monday – “This Christmas Time ” serviced to radio.

Tuesday – ” This Christmas Time ” released worldwide on iTunes.   Buy Here 🙂

My Covenant Award Win

6 time nominee, First time Win 🙂 Blessed by this one.

Wednesday – Won Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year at GMA Canada’s Covenant Awards. Blessed that the extremely beautiful and talented Hollie Sackett-Reid could receive my award. She’s also one of my amazing radio promoters.

Thursday – Performed my second show case at Lafflines Comedy Club, and was filmed by The Comedy Network for their “Exposed” competition. It was cool. First time I performed on stage wearing underwear! Super glad my classmates James, Wayne, Hector and Kevin were there, and my comedy coach Jan too. They make me braver 🙂

Had a blast performing with friends and laughing a lot! My crazy friend Hector went almost buck for a potential $5000 prize. He’s from Venezuela, that’s what they do there lol

Hector At LafflinesIMG_2830

Also received a message that CBC was using Unstoppable for their hockey night in Canada Montage after the Toronto Maple Leafs/Boston Bruins game and before the Vancouver Canucks/Los Angeles Kings game. Listen out for it tonight! 200px-HNIC_Logo.svg

Friday – Took Kids to hang out with our good friends Daniel Ingram and Trevor Hoffmann at Daniel’s studio. The kids did some ” homeschool ” homework and wrote about Daniel’s career and what he does as a TV and Film Composer. They also got to do some hands on demo work on a new Disney XD Series  while they were there.

Image 2 Image 3 Image 4Image

Later on that day, I had a photoshoot with some rad team members for the new Vancouver TV show I’m a part of hosting too 🙂

Saturday – hanging out singing for the Vancouver Giants staff and getting to take in a game. Might have the opportunity to sing for a game or two, or not, we’ll see haha. Maybe the Hockey Night in Canada thing will get me an in haha 🙂

Have to say, a lot in one week. Not without some challenges and distractions for sure, but because I’m choosing to not worry so much,  trust God, laugh more, celebrate more, and certainly will simply, carry on. #VERYBLESSED.

Living Well

So, at noon, thursday, I go for my stomach scope. I’m a little nervous I have to say, but I’m eager to figure out what it wrong with me. Your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated as I continue this journey to my wellness.
970401_541051092597370_498141191_nThough it has been a tough six months, and some days I’m confined to bed, but I have to say that one thing it has taught me is to Live Well. It’s strange not knowing what life is going to carry the next day. For me, I’m used to working like crazy, getting things done, and celebrating our people ( It’s true – blessed to say in the last year alone we’ve seen Emmy nominations, Leo award wins, Miss World Canada, Miss Universe Canada, and Mr World Canada crownings, music award wins and more nominations ). Not that those things define us, but it really is great to celebrate the dreams of our friends and clients. I’ve loved that. But, in the last few weeks, I’ve literally just had to take one day at a time. Its weird. Actually it’s kind of liberating. It makes me take each moment and be grateful for it. It’s made me really understand what’s important. I’ve been present with my family and my friends, and I’ve taken my time understanding what I love. Although I couldn’t do as much “work” as I’d like, I’ve seen God provide for our family, and I’ve loved seeing my family shine, even when I felt I couldn’t. They light up on set filming, on the baseball fields, on the beach, when we are with friends. I am one proud wife and mother.

1010293_10151559103751284_790473411_nI also feel like I got my voice back. One of my friends who is a very successful musician and writer once said to me that he “lost his words” for a period of time where he was going through struggle in his life. I didn’t understand what he meant fully, until this season of my sickness. I realized that for the last few years, I think I had “lost my voice”. Not in the sense that I didn’t have one, but that I had just lost what I once had. So much happened in my music career, and amongst the success was a lot of brokenness and hurt. I stayed positive in the midst of it, and I learned to help others find their voices, and champion their dreams, which I also love. But in this season I’m in now, I’ve found my own voice again, and I’m more excited than ever to share it.

998714_10151559103366284_349729947_nMy joy has been performing again. I’ve had the privilege of sitting at a grand piano and I get to show the world some of my story. It’s been strength for me these past few months, and I look forward to it more. I’m learning to be the leading lady in my own show again.

That’s it I guess for now. I have a show on Oxford hill in Whiterock on August 17th. It’s outdoor, and free, and it’s going to be awesome if you’d like to join me! I’d love to see you there 🙂





(photo credit Ruby Huang at Vancity Dream 2013)