Hanging with 5 time heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield

I get to be part of a brilliantly creative sometimes high risk entertainment industry. I have huge ups, but then unfortunately I have depressingly huge downs. I am an artist, and there is nothing shameful about it. Brian Doerksen is a Juno award winning artist and songwriter. He has written some of the most profound life giving songs God breathed songs that are still sung all around the world in churches today. He is also a dear friend. He says this about artists: that we have ” this freedom of expression to create what isn’t, to see what is not and make it so “. What a privilege to be a part of this! I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I do like being recognized for my work. Even after many successes, radio singles, magazine articles and awards, every single day can be a huge challenge, and I still want to feel like I matter on a personal level. I don’t look to awards to validate me, my heart is that I am creating real change with my music, especially in the lives of young women, but it’s always great to be recognized in the community. This past week I had the privilege of being awarded the Vancouver SAGE Foundation’s Recognition in Arts and Culture award for my career in the music industry.  The best part – my whole family attended looking quite stylish I might add, and I got to perform on a grand piano ( my perfect instrument ). It was an intimate event with guest speaker 5 time heavy weight champion Evander Holyfield.  It was pretty cool I must say! I also got to meet Senator Yonah Martin, as well as meet Anti-Bullying campaign hero Carol Todd. A great adventure of an evening. Dream BIG people, Dream BIG!